The Jeanerette Police Department is ready to protect and serve the residents of our great city with pride and dedication.

The City of Jeanerette has a department of 26 dedicated men and women that make Jeanerette a safer place for everyone.

Police Department Stats
  (3)   Lieutenants
(1)   Detective
(1)   Narcotics Officer
(1)   Juvenile Officer

(11) Police Officers
(1)   Office Manager
(4)   FT Dispatchers
(3)   PT Dispatchers

The Jeanerette Volunteer Fire Department proudly protects 8000 people living in an area of 10 square miles. The department operates two stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our members are on a Volunteer status with a paid Chief and three Part Time paid Firefighters.

Fire Department Stats

(1) Fire Chief
(1) Assistant Fire Chief
(1)Deputy Chief

(12) Firefighters
(2) Support Officers
(5) Admin Officers
(6) PT Admin Officers
(1) Explorer

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The Jeanerette Public Works Department keeps the city running smoothly, providing much needed services like water, sewer and street maintenance to name a few.
Public Works Stats
  (1) Director
  (1) Assistant Director
(12) Employees

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