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Minutes from the Tuesday March 5, 2024 Public Works and Safety Committee Meeting

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2024 6:40 am
by City Clerk
Minutes from the Tuesday March 5, 2024 City of Jeanerette Public Works and Safety Committee Meeting Present- Alderman Ray Duplechain, Alderman Butch Bourgeois, Public Works Director Howard White, Public Works Foreman Wade Tillman, Finance Manager Christie Connor, City Clerk Susan Colden, Chief Vallot, Chief Landry and Anderson Clay and Brandon from Statewide Electric. Mayor Carol Bourgeois Jr was absent. City Clerk Susan Colden called the meeting to order. Chief Landry reported 75 calls, 70 in the City and 5 auto aid. The department had 26 medical calls and 37 were cancelled, 5 alarm investigations, 1 vehicle accident and 1 trash fire. E601 was out of service on Feb 2, for front brake job and then on the 20th it was out again it wasn’t recognizing 4th gear lock and did not want to pump. On Feb 21 they participated in Jeanerette High School College night and the 24th they participated in a live Fire Training. There was one new member and there are currently 20 members on the rooster. With no other business to consider the meeting was adjourned. Next Chief Vallot reported that the month of Feb to March 1 there were 111 total calls. The Marshal’s office wrote 17 tickets in the city and conducted 4 misdemeanor and 1 felony (Juvenile) arrests. The Jeanerette police department wrote 14 tickets and conducted 11 misdemeanor and 7 felony arrests. The Chief said Mr. Javon Charles was hired as an officer. Mr. Charles is non post but he does have experience from St. Mary Parish and Patterson Police Department and he is really catching on quickly. Latanuia Theodile was hired as a new full-time dispatcher so there are currently openings for one more full-time dispatcher and two full time officers. The phone system has not been upgraded to fiber yet and they are getting a quote to add another monitor to the dispatch area to monitor the surveillance cameras in the city. Mr. Tillman reported that during the month of February there were 5 dottie markings, they installed 2 stop signs, responded to 8 sewer backups, repaired 2 water leaks, repaired one driveway on the city side. Crews cut grass and removed trash from 18 locations, and cleared 22 ditches. After the Mardi Gras parade they cleaned the side streets and filled 15 pot holes with cold mix. A new part-time worker, David Lewis was hired. Chief Landry addressed the project at the fire station and she thought that the material was in and they hope to have the roof repaired soon so the bathrooms can be finished. There was some discussion regarding the hot mix machine in the next budget amendment. Next Brandon from Statewide Electric reported that at the water plant the contractor painted around the ground storage tanks and inside of plant 1 and stenciled. Filter #3 they finished sandblasting and painting the inside and they are coming to test the inside to see if it can be filled with the filter media. Mr. John Key said they can take filter #1 out of service next. On the sewer plant side Grinder is coming to look at the gear boxes for the aerators to see if they be fixed. The sludge pump should be on order through Southern Contractors. When that is installed, it will allow the clarifier to be able to pump to the aerator basin. This combined with the aerator should help the plant operate efficiently. The Chlorine injector needs to be repaired to allow greater flow rates. The operators are using tablets to provide additional chemicals until the contractor comes next week to repair. There was some discussion regarding the floating aerators regarding anchoring the unit. It was noted that Statewide is doing a very good job keeping on top of the repairs for the plant. With no other business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.

Carol Bourgeois Jr., Mayor

Susan Colden City Clerk