February 5, 2024 City of Jeanerette Public Works and Safety Committee Meeting

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February 5, 2024 City of Jeanerette Public Works and Safety Committee Meeting

Postby City Clerk » Thu Feb 08, 2024 12:45 pm

Minutes from the Monday February 5, 2024 City of Jeanerette Public Works and Safety Committee Meeting
Present- Mayor Carol Bourgeois Jr., Alderman Ray Duplechain, Alderman Butch Bourgeois, City Clerk Susan Colden, Chief Vallot, and Anderson Clay and Brandon from Statewide Electric. Mayor Carol Bourgeois Jr. called the meeting to order and led the prayer. There were comments regarding traffic and blocking in the Fire department and Water department as well as a lot of other residents. There was general agreement that there has to be meetings with the Mardi Gras committee earlier next year to make some changes. Mr. Woodrow Parker of 1308 2nd St, Morgan City briefly address the committee. Public Works was busy cleaning and fixing an issue and Fire Chief Landry was out sick. Chief Vallot reported 134 calls for the month containing 9 felony arrests and 8 misdemeanor arrest and 1 accidental shooting of a 6-year-old. Alderman Duplechain asked the Chief if he had some applicants, regarding that item the Alderman asked about forming a hiring committee and the Mayor responded that he would like to have additional time for input on this before it goes to a board meeting. Next Mr. Anderson Clay of Statewide reported that the contractors work on the water plant is going and they are nearly finished with the painting process. They blasted and painted the three softener tanks inside and out and put the filter media it and took samples to test the water. On the filters, they came in and blasted one tank, the tank inspector came Friday to look at it. They are on the outside continuing with the painting process on the piping and ground storage tank. Well 9 is operating, well 11 is getting serviced and should be ready to have the samples taken to get it back online. Alderman Duplechain asked it they opened the other filters yet to check their condition and Mr. Clay confirmed that they have not they have to repair the one and get it back in service before they can take another out. They discussed an upcoming flushing and the fire suppression system at Cabot. On Sewer side, they are working on King Joseph station and getting the electric motor repaired. At Jeanerette Canal, they are getting the pump rebuilt. They are working at Bayside station to get a refurbished motor starter. At the Ira station they think something is stuck in the suction line that they will have to get jetted out. Sewer Plant needs paint walls, and furniture and generator manuals were found. With no other business to consider the meeting was adjourned.

Carol Bourgeois Jr., Mayor

Susan Colden City Clerk

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