Monday December 4, 2023 City of Jeanerette Public Works and Safety Committee Meeting

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Monday December 4, 2023 City of Jeanerette Public Works and Safety Committee Meeting

Postby City Clerk » Fri Dec 08, 2023 7:58 am

Minutes from the Monday December 4, 2023 City of Jeanerette Public Works and Safety Committee Meeting Present- Mayor Carol Bourgeois Jr., City Clerk Susan Colden, Public Works supervisor Wade Tillman, Police Chief Vallot, Fire Chief Landry and Anderson Clay and Brandon from Statewide Electric. Mayor Carol Bourgeois Jr. called the meeting to order and led the prayer. The Mayor outlined the meeting the council will be attending for Wednesday at the Louisiana State Capital for capital project funding and then at LMA headquarters for additional funding information. Then the Mayor said the Santa Sleigh on Thursday and Christmas on the Main on Saturday, there will was discussion on logistics for the events. Creole Festival committee is donating crape myrtle trees. Chief Landry reported in November there were 93 calls, and 73 of those were in the city. For the in-city calls, 25 were medical and 39 were cancelled, 4 alarm investigations, 1 trash fire, 2 vehicle accidents, 1 ATV accident with fatality. For the 20 Auto calls 9 were medical, 2 were vehicle/heavy equipment fires, 3 were cancelled, 2 alarm investigation, 1 trash fire, 1 structure fire, 1 service call and one power line. The department attended a LZ class in Iberia, a ventilation class in Baldwin. The department hosted a Hazmat OPS class on the 8th and 15th. On the 16th the burn ban was lifted. The preventative maintenance was performed on fire trucks. There is an air leak on 601. Upcoming is a live fire training tonight in Iberia Training Center. There will be an extrication training in Baldwin on the 11th and on the 16th the department will be in the Christmas Parade. December 20th the department will be making the private Christmas deliveries. Police Chief Vallot had to step out and the Mayor read his report. For November there were 130 total calls, 2 warrants issued for the Morris Charles shootings, 6 juveniles arrested for several vehicle thefts and burglaries in various parishes. There were 7 miscellaneous arrests and 3 felony arrests. The Mayor commented that for the juveniles that were arrested, the City will be responsible for paying for their beds at a cost of $300 per day. Wade Tillman provided the public works report. For the month of November grass was cut at 7 city properties. A driveway was repaired at 835 Monnot -due to repairs for water line break. A sewer line was repaired at 104 Virginia and the driveway will be repaired. A pothole on Lewis St before the bridge was filled. Christmas lights were put up. They cleared 12 sewer backups, and did one bulk trash pickup. The picked-up trees at Collins Square, are repaired 2 water leaks. They installed one water tap and one culvert. There was a discussion involving the need for street repair. New Iberia got a hot mix machine for $60,000, it heats it and taps it down also. and the committee was interested to get this in the budget for next year. Sherry added that at the station at MLK, the new concrete is starting to break up. She also said that during the heavy rain the floor drains backed up into the station. The Mayor talked about the road going into Milo’s from Martin Luther King is in bad condition, and he wondered how to repair-maybe gravel. After some general discussion about some properties having junk vehicles in roadways. Anderson reported for Statewide, and first addressed the water plant and in plant 1 the contractors had to stop work because the valve was not opening. The Site to replace the valve is ready and they should have the valve replaced tomorrow. If that works the contractor can resume installing pipe on Wednesday. The electrician was in today dealing with the scada system for the controls. Well number 9, passed and LDH is looking at it so they will have 9 and 10 and then they can work on well 11. The softeners are offline and the filters are online. They removed some old pumps and installed some new and replaced the old piping as well as redoing the electrical between plant two and one and once everything is up they will be able to control everything through plant one. Brandon stated that the citizen complaints about the water are down. Anderson the big rain event put pressure at the sewer plant but the pumps caught up quick. With no other business to consider the meeting was adjourned.

Carol Bourgeois Jr., Mayor

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