Minutes from the Monday December 4, 2023 Personnel and Policy Committee Meeting

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Minutes from the Monday December 4, 2023 Personnel and Policy Committee Meeting

Postby City Clerk » Fri Dec 08, 2023 7:50 am

Minutes from the Monday December 4, 2023 Personnel and Policy Committee Meeting
Present- Susan Colden City Clerk, Alderwoman Christia Simmons, Alderwoman Mariah Clay, Mayor Bourgeois Jr., stepped in and said that he had something to finish up on and will join the group but to start. Alderwoman Simmons called the meeting to order. After a brief review it was noted that the current policies 14, Funeral Leave, 15 Military Leave and 16 Jury Duty are current and need no revisions. Next, Ms. Simmons discussed revisions for policy #13, Vacation. Ms. Simmons pointed out that the last page is a vacation approval form. Technically vacation is set at the beginning of the year to be taken by the end of the year. Likewise, the funeral leave, military leave and jury duty policies all have forms and the point of the forms is to build the personnel file in light of federal laws regarding employee relations. Other changes to policy #13 were to remove item c. from item 4. Next, Ms. Simmons review the proposed Fireman vacation policy, that is part of RS 33:1996. Ms Simmons stated she has sent this policy revision to our attorney for input. At this time this revision to the policy would affect one employee. The Mayor joined the meeting at 1:14 pm and Ms Simmons reviewed a few items regarding the forms to document leave, jury duty and vacation. The committee decided to table the vacation policy until they get input from our attorney and since the meeting was running late Ms. Simmons also tabled policy 7, Employee evaluations. The Mayor then addressed such as the trip on Wednesday to Baton Rouge for the council to meet at the capital with the Ways and Means committee attorney Alison Pryor for training on the various funding programs for projects and how to apply. There will be a second meeting, at LMA for additional training. The Mayor also addressed the Christmas events Santa Sleigh sponsored by Parks and Recreation, and the Christmas parade on December 16, sponsored by Chamber. The people who did the Creole Festival are delivering 25 crape myrtle trees on Tuesday to giveaway. With no other business to discuss the meeting adjourned.

Carol Bourgeois Jr., Mayor

Susan Colden City Clerk

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