minutes from Sept 5 Personnel and Policy

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minutes from Sept 5 Personnel and Policy

Postby City Clerk » Fri Sep 08, 2023 7:38 am

Minutes from the Tuesday September 5, 2023 Personnel and Policy Committee Meeting
Present- Mayor Carol Bourgeois Jr., Susan Colden City Clerk, Alderwoman Tia Simmons, Alderwoman Mariah Clay, Treasurer Liz Verdun. Mayor Bourgeois Jr. called the meeting to order and led the prayer. Alderwoman Simmons introduced a draft of Policy 34, Workplace Injuries and Illness. The information in the draft of this policy was given by our attorney and was formatted and the report was taken from the LMA website with minor changes. The intent is to start a reporting process as soon as an injury occurs. If this is adopted, it will most likely require some training of the supervisors. The Mayor commented that public works does a good job of employee training in regards to the policy manual. Alderwoman Simmons said that was great because it is important that employees truly understand the policies when they sign the form during orientation that they have read the policies. So, the follow-up is critical. The committee is recommending that the Board of Aldermen approve this policy. Alderwoman Simmons next addressed potential violations of the open meetings law in regards to use of electronic devices. There are three things that are of concern. If people on the legislative body are sending electronic messages between themselves or to people in the room regarding an issue, the public has the right to listen to the discussion. It also can be a possible violation of the spirit of the OPMA if the member of the body is communicating with people not in the room. Basically, you can’t have the phones at the table. The public can have their phones and can record and text but, the legislative body cannot respond until after the meeting. The Mayor said the article that Alderwoman Simmons used as reference should be included with the board packets and a policy should be created. With no other items to discuss the meeting was adjourned.


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