minutes Sept 5 Public works and safety

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minutes Sept 5 Public works and safety

Postby City Clerk » Fri Sep 08, 2023 7:37 am

Minutes from the Tuesday September 5, 2023 City of Jeanerette Public Works and Safety Committee Meeting Present- Mayor Carol Bourgeois Jr., City Clerk Susan Colden, Treasurer Liz Verdun, Alderman Ray Duplechain, Public Works Director Howard White, Supervisor Wade Tillman, and Fire Chief Sherry Landry Police Chief Vallot and Anderson Clay and Brandon from Statewide Electric. Mayor Bourgeois Jr, led the prayer. Chief Landry reported 92 calls for the month. Of the 80 calls in the city 42 were medical and 32 were cancelled. There were 4 alarms, 1 powerline and 1 vehicle accident. There were 12 auto aid calls with 4 medical, 4 vehicle accidents, 2 vegetation fires and 2 structure fires. On Wednesday night 5 volunteers will be testing for their EMR license. They have been attending classes twice a week for five weeks. They attended an extrication class where members were able to use the tools and make the cuts in a car. There will be hydrant testing starting Sept 11 for approximately 3 days. There may be some discoloration in the water. The volunteers are going to do a fund raiser, they selected a raffle. They are asking business to donate prizes and purchase tickets. More details to come, check the Facebook page. Chief Vallot reported 148 total calls. Five felony arrest, 12 misdemeanor arrests 6 juvenile arrests. The construction work has been completed at the jail, the walls have been repaired, the bunks secured, the toilets replaced and the walls and floors painted. There is one new officer hired and on Sept 19 & 20 there will be training for missing & exploited children at the Chitimacha tribal police department. Supervisor Tillman reported that public works staff responded to 4 dottie markings, changed trash bags on main street, 7 alleys were cleaned, grass was cut in 57 areas, a stop sign was replaced, 4 potholes were filled, 7 sewer backups were cleared and 1 sewer line needed repair. Eight water leaks were repaired and 6 drive ways were repaired on the city side, 5 areas had branches cut and trash was removed from 8 areas. There may be a grant program to get more trash cans. There was a discussion to develop an ordinance to require outside contractors to pull a permit to do work in the city, or at the least inform public works. The fencing at Cabot should start soon. Anderson Clay reported for Statewide. The water tower is online and the city-wide flushing was a success. They are moving the auto flushers around based on customer comments. The construction is moving forward and the contractors are working on the piping and some work on the chlorine room. The sewer plant still needs the sludge pump motor to work and the bar screen is broken so the trash needs to be removed manually. There is only one aerator working and until the sludge can be moved no clarifier online. A contractor is coming to give a quote to spray foam the building. Some of the lift stations only have one pump working and Borel and Domingue need a new control panel. Chief Landry offered to train personnel on air packs. With no other business to consider the meeting was adjourned.

Carol Bourgeois Jr., Mayor

Susan Colden City Clerk

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