Minutes from the Tuesday August 8, 2023 City of Jeanerette Public Works and Safety Committee Meeting

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Minutes from the Tuesday August 8, 2023 City of Jeanerette Public Works and Safety Committee Meeting

Postby City Clerk » Fri Aug 11, 2023 1:13 pm

Minutes from the Tuesday August 8, 2023 City of Jeanerette Public Works and Safety Committee Meeting Present- Mayor Carol Bourgeois Jr., City Clerk Susan Colden, Treasurer Liz Verdun, Alderman Bourgeois, Alderman Ray Duplechain, Public Works Director Howard White, Supervisor Wade Tillman, and Fire Chief Sherry Landry and Barry Segura from Statewide Electric. Mayor Bourgeois Jr, led the prayer. Chief Vallot was not able to attend and his report was given by the Mayor. There were 109 total calls and zero shootings, the jail cells are painted and completed and waiting on the toilets. There were five misdemeanors’ arrests, seven felony arrests, four juvenile arrests, 6 citations, 8 warrants issued. Chief Landry reported 70 call outs, medical 27, 26 cancelled, 7 alarm, 2 hazmat (gas leak), 1 vehicle accident, 1 electrical fire and 1 unauthorized fire. As of 3 pm Monday August we are under a burning ban. Chief Landry then reported in July 2 members attended the SCBA maze training in Patterson. The group on 7/20 went to a FETA class hosted by St. Mary District 11, on Leadership, accountability, culture and knowledge. Also, on that day Chief Landry attended a zoom training thru LSFA. In August 1st and 2nd members attended a Hazmat Awareness training class hosted by Baldwin Fire and taught by FETA. Five members attending EMR training twice a week for 5 weeks. On August 12th new surveillance cameras being installed at the central station. Monday morning the Chief responded to a single vehicle accident near the high school resulting in two fatalities. There were three over doses in four days so there are some bad drugs going through the area. Supervisor Wade Tillman reported 14 Dottie Markings, Grass cut in 56 areas and 3 pot holes filled. There were 3 sewer backups and 4 water leaks and trash were cleared at four areas and the bags were changed every Monday on Main Street. Alderman Duplechain asked about signs and the supply. The Fete Dieu Teche will be on Tuesday and the boats should be arriving in the area around 1 pm. Barry Segura reported the elevated water tower is back in service. On August 15 and 16 there will be a City wide flushing program starting at 9 pm each night. All the auto flushers are back in operation with the exception of two that need repairs. Anderson and Brandon are looking at ways possibly using turnbuckles to stabilize the motors at the sewer plant. Alderman Duplechain asked if the aerator motor is out since he didn’t see it running when he stopped at the plant. Barry will check, was running yesterday. We have 4 aerators and one is working and two clarifiers and one is working. The bar screen is not working, they are manually removing the trash. The Clorine and Sulfur Dioxide is good. Sherry asked if they need a bracket to secure the SCBA’s to the wall, Barry said yes. Barry also said he is working to try and get the building insulated, it is very hot right now. Ms Colden asked about getting a table and chairs and storage totes. Barry also said when the sludge pump is working you can pump out the clarifiers and hopefully get them back online. The aerators need a bearing another needs a frame so nothing major. With no other business to consider the meeting was adjourned.

Carol Bourgeois Jr., Mayor

Susan Colden City Clerk

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