Notice of a Public Meeting June 10, 2024

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Notice of a Public Meeting June 10, 2024

Postby City Clerk » Thu Jun 06, 2024 5:57 am

Notice Posted: ____6/5/24_____ __4:00 pm____
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A public meeting will be held as follows:
DATE: June 10, 2024
TIME: 6:30 pm
PLACE OF MEETING: Jeanerette City Hall -1010 Main St, Jeanerette LA 70544
1. Call to Order
2. Prayer
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Roll Call-Determination of a Quorum
5. Public Comment on Agenda items 6-13
6. A. Approval of Minutes from last meeting, May 13, 2024.
B. Approval of Minutes from Personnel Committee June 4, 2024
C. Approval of Minutes from Finance Committee meeting June 4, 2024
D. Approval of Minutes from Public Works and Safety Committee Meeting June 4, 2024
7. Correspondence by Mayor
8. Announcements
9. Reports
A. Statewide Electric report on Sewer and Water operations
10. Agenda Items
1. Approval of PPE#10 to Frisco for Phase II, WTP Upgrades (9327-07)
2. Approval of CCO#8 for Frisco for Phase II, WTP Upgrades (9327-07)
3. Approval of Notice of Acceptance and Resolution of Acceptance with Punch List for Frisco for Phase II, WTP Upgrades (9327-07)
4. Review and action on Intergovernmental Agreement for City Marshal, Jeanerette Police Department and the City of Jeanerette
5. Authorize Mayor to execute purchase agreements with the six (6) property owners for the property to be acquired by the City of Jeanerette for the Water Sector Sewer Treatment Facility Project.
11. Proclamations
New Business:
a. Public hearing to be held on the proposed 2024 Millage rates.
2. CLOSE PUBLIC HEARING and return to public meeting in regular session
12. Resolutions
1. Resolution 9 of 2024 to adopt the 2024 millage rate(s).
2. Resolution 10 of 2024 to grant the authority to the Mayor to sign and submit the Maintenance agreement, including Mowing and litter pickup from June 2024 to June 2025 with the DOTD.
3. Resolution 11 of 2024 to grant the authority to the Mayor to sign a cooperative endeavor agreement by and between Acadiana Criminalistics Laboratory (ACL) District and the City of Jeanerette and provide ACL with $44,305 towards their match for the Capital Outlay Request.
4. Resolution 12 of 2024 to grant the authority to the Mayor to sign and submit documents to relocate the sewer line at 1001 E. Main St, site of Raintree Market, at a cost to not exceed $150,000.
13. Ordinances –
A. Introduction of Ordinance 2024-06A to Amend and Reenact the Fiscal Year 23-24 Budget
B. Introduction of Ordinance 2024-06B to the Fiscal Year 24-25 Budget
14. Adjournment
Susan Colden, City Clerk
City of Jeanerette
1010 Main St, Jeanerette Louisiana 70544 337-276-4587
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance, please contact Susan Colden at 337-276-4587 describing the assistance that is necessary.

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