Agenda for May 8th regular Meeting

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Agenda for May 8th regular Meeting

Postby City Clerk » Wed May 03, 2023 4:04 pm

Notice Posted: __May_3rd, 2023_ __4:00 pm_______
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A public meeting will be held as follows:

DATE: May 8, 2023
TIME: 6:30 pm
PLACE OF MEETING: Jeanerette City Hall -1010 Main St, Jeanerette LA 70544

1. Call to Order

2. Prayer

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Roll Call – Determination of a Quorum

5. Approval of Minutes of the Last Regular Meeting on April 10th 2023

6. Correspondence by Mayor—

7. Announcements by Mayor

8. Reports
A. Finance Committee: Report from May Regular Meeting
B. Personnel Committee Report from May Regular Meeting
C. Public Works Committee Report from May Regular Meeting
D. Statewide Electric on Sewer and Water Operations
E. Christie Dunn of Wright, Moore, DeHart, Dupuis & Hutchinson LLC presenting the audit for year end 6/30/2022
F. Vance Synder Grant writing consultant
G. USDA Programs Presentation by Jeanerette Chamber of Commerce President Reverend Wilfred Johnson
H. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Red & White Day by Ms. Alexis Rack Chapter President

9. Agenda Items
A. Approve PPE#1 for the Elevated Storage Tank for $190,462.75, project 9327-04
B. Approve Class B Off-Premise High and Low Content Liquor License for Nghia Nguyen for AM Grocery

10. Proclamations

11. Resolutions
New Business:
1. Resolution 5 of 2023 Adopt the 2023 Millage Rates
2. Resolution 6 of 2023 To Grant the authority to the Mayor to sign and submit all necessary documents, appoint an administrative consultant, and to commit costs for the Louisiana Community Development Block Grant FY 2023 Clearance Program

12. Ordinances –
A. Introduce Ordinance 2023-05A- An Ordinance Adopting the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Budget
B. Introduce Ordinance 2023-05B To Amend and Reenact Section 2-1004 Order of Business
C. Introduce Ordinance 2023-05C To Amend and Reenact Sections 2-1006 Compensation of the Aldermen
D. Introduce Ordinance 2023-05D To Amend and Reenact Sections 2-2002 Compensation of the Mayor

13. Adjourn
Susan Colden, City Clerk

City of Jeanerette
1010 Main St, Jeanerette Louisiana 70544

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance, please contact Susan Colden at 337-276-4587 describing the assistance that is necessary.

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