Notice of regular meeting October 10, 2022

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Notice of regular meeting October 10, 2022

Postby City Clerk » Wed Oct 05, 2022 10:25 am


Board of Aldermen Meeting
Jeanerette City Hall
1010 E. Main Street
Jeanerette, Louisiana 70544

Monday, October 10, 2022 6:30 P.M.


1. Call to Order

2. Prayer

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Roll Call – Determination of a Quorum

5. Approval of Minutes of the Last Regular Meeting on September 12th Regular Meeting and September 20th Special Meeting

6. Correspondence by Mayor

7. Announcements by Mayor

8. Reports
A. Finance Committee: Report from Regular Meeting
B. Personnel Committee Report from Regular Meeting
C. Public Works Committee Report from Regular Meeting
D. Statewide Electric on Sewer and Water Operations-Neal Swain
E. Update on the Port of Iberia by Simieon Theodile Sr.

9. Agenda Items
A. Louisiana Youth for Excellence Program Grant by Dr. Ezora J. Proctor, Administrator
B. City of Jeanerette Halloween Activity October 31, 2022
C. Mardi Gras by Krewe of Enzana
D. Gun Buy Back Initiative October 22, 2022
E. Approval of surplus items sale
F. Approval of bids for Main St. properties

10. Proclamations

11. Resolutions
A. Resolution 13 of 2022 To grant authority to the Mayor to sign necessary documents to apply for 2023-2024 Louisiana Community Development Block Grant up to $800,000 for roads and to commit to pay the engineering and grant administrative fees associated with the preparation of the application. This will allow the city to receive the four bonus points in the rating of the application.

12. Ordinances –
A. Adopt Ordinance 2022-07A An Ordinance to change Flory to a One-Way Street (Alderman Bourgeois). This previously tabled Ordinance proposes to route the traffic one way from Bracy to Pellerin
B. Adopt Ordinance 2022-09 To Amend And Reenact Section 11-5026.1 (a) Curfew for Minors (Alderman Clark) This Ordinance proposes to change the age of minors under the curfew Ordinance from 17 to 18 to comply with changes in the State of Louisiana statue.

13. Adjourn

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