Monday, April 11, 2022 6:30 P.M. Board of Aldermen Meeting

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Monday, April 11, 2022 6:30 P.M. Board of Aldermen Meeting

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Board of Aldermen Meeting
Jeanerette City Hall
1010 E. Main Street
Jeanerette, Louisiana 70544

Monday, April 11, 2022 6:30 P.M.


1. Call to Order

2. Prayer

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Roll Call – Determination of a Quorum

5. Approval of Minutes of the Last Regular Meeting on March 14th, 2022

6. Correspondence by Mayor

7. Announcements by Mayor

8. Reports
A. Finance Committee: Report from April Regular Meeting
B. Personnel Committee Report from April Regular Meeting
C. Public Works Committee Report from April Regular Meeting
D. Statewide Electric on Sewer and Water Operations Neal Swain
E. Community Refrigerator Project by Jamie Bowie
F. Update from District 12 Parish Representative Lady Brown.

9. Agenda Items
A. Authorize Sellers & Associates, Inc. to finalize Project 8227-12 Renovations to Pump Stations 2 & 7,
B. Authorize Sellers & Associates to advertise for bids to Paint the Elevated Water Tower.
C. Approve Change Order No 1 for Sewer System Rehab Phase 2
D. Approve Pay Estimate No. 1 for the 2022 Street Improvements project (S&A File No. 9445-01)
E. Approve Revision to Policy 27, Volunteer Fire Department Pay
F. Reclassification of Title of Treasurer/Tax Collector Position

10. Proclamations

11. Resolutions
A. Resolution 3 of 2022 Municipal Water Pollution Prevention Environmental Audit Report Jan 2021- Dec 2021
B. Resolution 4 of 2022 Requesting Financial Assistance under Fiscal Year 2021-2022 LGAP & CWEF
C. Resolution 5 of 2022 Recognition of Benefits of the Community Development Block Grant

12. Ordinances –
A. Introduce Amended Ordinance 2022-01 To Sell by Sealed-Bid, Certain Adjudicated Properties
B. Introduce Ordinance 2022-03 To Amend Section 11-4007 Trash Fires
C. Introduce Ordinance 2022-04A An Ordinance Amending the Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Budget
D. Introduce Ordinance 2022-04B An Ordinance Adopting the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Budget

13. Adjourn

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